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Breakfast Blend Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. Sweet, aromatic Costa Rican and smoky, subtle Guatemalan Arabica coffee beans are blended and lightly roasted, creating a complex, yet smooth flavor. A subtle, easy going flavor that is a perfect morning pick-me-up.

Based on 88 reviews

Original Donut Blend Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE.This coffee is smooth and bright, with good body and a clean finish. It's not just another cup of coffee, it's one of life's simple pleasures. So sit back, relax and celebrate simplicity with a familiar favorite!

Based on 152 reviews

Colombian Decaf Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. A pure Colombian and caffeine-free coffee that retains most of its original coffee character. A delicious coffee for those that are watching their caffeine intake.

Based on 220 reviews

Cinnamon Pastry Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This flavored coffee perfectly balances the spicy sweetness of cinnamon with a light pastry finish. Decadent and delicious, this is a coffee for the senses.

Based on 367 reviews

Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This espresso coffee blend is a strong, full bodied coffee. A sweet, smooth and richly satisfying pause in your day. This coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Based on 78 reviews

German Chocolate Cake Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. Relax with the comforting aroma and flavor of bakery fresh chocolate cake. This coffee features the unique sweetness of a creamy German frosting that blends caramel and vanilla with toasted coconut. It is as good, or better, than the dessert it was named after!

Based on 402 reviews

Morning Blend Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. An uncomplicated blend from Brazil with a light aroma. This lively blend is finely balanced and enjoyably sweet, plus it is Rainforest Alliance Certified. A choice that you can feel good about! Relax and enjoy.

Based on 54 reviews

Bali Samsara Blend™

K-CUP® COFFEE. Destination Bali for a taste of the exotic. Amidst the Indonesian archipelago, lies the beautiful island paradise of Bali. Sprinkled along its volcanic peaks, grows some of the worlds’ most exotic coffee. Earthy and packed with dark chocolate notes and floral overtones, discover…

Based on 31 reviews

Italian Blend Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. A smooth blend characterized by a symbiotic balance of sweetness, smokiness and body. There is something for everyone in this cup. It spices up a romantic Italian afternoon accompanied with biscotti, rich cannoli, or gelato.

Based on 110 reviews

Sugar Bush Maple Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. There’s a moment. A moment when daylight lingers a little longer in the forest; a moment when the snow slowly begins to melt off of the tree branches; it’s the moment when the sap starts to run, kettles boil and liquid amber maple syrup is born. It’s the moment that Spring arrives in…

Based on 222 reviews

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