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Van Houtte®

Apple Caramel Pie Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This time of year means comfort food and homemade desserts. At Van Houtte, it also means a tempting flavored coffee, reminiscent of warm apple pie, covered with rich and creamy caramel…totally decadent! Stock up now as this variety is available for a limited time only!

Based on 105 reviews
Van Houtte®

Amazonia Blend Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. A smooth and mild coffee with pleasant body and optimal acidity. This coffee is certified Fair Trade and organic.

Based on 33 reviews
Van Houtte®

Vanilla Hazelnut Decaf Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This coffee is deliciously aromatic with a light, nutty taste, without the caffeine.

Based on 72 reviews
Van Houtte®

Honduras Extra Bold Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This coffee offers a soft aroma, delicate acidity and intense body with delightfully sweet and woodsy notes.

Based on 27 reviews
Van Houtte®

French Roast Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This coffee is blended and roasted in the European style to develop a rich, full-body with superb bittersweet nuances.

Based on 22 reviews
Van Houtte®

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This coffee has light flavors with a lingering acidity. It's certified Fair Trade and organic.

Based on 48 reviews
Van Houtte®

Mexico Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This dark roast coffee has an intense body with a slightly bitter, rich lingering flavor.

Based on 69 reviews
Van Houtte®

Midnight Express Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE.This very bold coffee has an intense caramelized taste, heavy body and excellent acidity with intriguing spicy undertones.

Based on 20 reviews
Van Houtte®

Napoletano Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. A true Italian-style coffee, Napoletano Coffee has a strong, woodsy, syrupy and caramelized flavor.

Based on 39 reviews
Van Houtte®

Crème Brûlée Coffee

K-CUP® COFFEE. This coffee is a classic dessert flavor. The rich and creamy flavor of vanilla is enhanced by sweet caramel giving this coffee a velvety body.

Based on 119 reviews

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